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Rating: 3/5
This program is a history book of your financial activities. It also supports Persian date.
Arrived: Feb 15, 2012
Found under: history, book, financial, record, income, expense, persian date, productivity, personal, finance

Laucha Calendario

Just a simple calendar, with big numbers and big buttons. Includes week and day number of the year. Custom date search. Feedback will be appreciated ;)
Arrived: Jan 11, 2012
Found under: calendar, date, laucha, day, month, year

Days 2 Birthday

Rating: 3/5
Quick summary for upcoming birthdays.
Arrived: Oct 15, 2010
Found under: misc, calendar, organize, birthday reminder, birthday dates, outlook birthdays, birthday calendar

Age Calculator

Rating: 4/5
This software calculates age on entering the birthdate. software is really simple to use and self explanatory. Decent and bold fonts and clear text. This is my first attempt to write mobile application.
Arrived: Jul 24, 2010
Found under: age calculator, birthdate, calculator


IMAG to Date renames image files, JPG, GIF, and BMP to Date Formatted filenames, MMddyyyyHHmm_RID (R.I.D. Random ID).
Arrived: Sep 3, 2009
Found under: IMAGtoDate, File Management, Utilities


RoadTwit is a small tool for Windows Mobile to help instant post on Twitter.
Arrived: Apr 28, 2009
Found under: Twitter, client, road, instant, post, update


TimeSyncTZ is a Time Zone aware NTP client that also copes with Daylight Saving Time
Arrived: Apr 26, 2009
Found under: Misc, time, sync, update

Pocket Digital Clock

Rating: 4/5
Pocket Digital Clock (PDC) is a small and simple program that shows a large digital clock with second display on the Windows Mobile Today Screen.
Arrived: Jul 7, 2008
Found under: Utilities, clock, today, screen, plugin, date, time

Today's Time v1.3

Rating: 4/5
Today's Time is an better replacement for the default 'Date' Plug-in found in Windows Mobile
Arrived: Apr 2, 2008
Found under: today screen, time, date, battery, enhancements

DateEx Today Component v2.01

DateEx is a Today add-in that replaces the built-in Date component.
Arrived: Jan 8, 2008
Found under: today screen, plugin, date, time
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