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» TouchFlo Detacher

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: A simple app that allows HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / HD devices to run TouchFlo3D outside of the Today screen.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.Net Compact Framework 2.0
Device running TouchFlo 3D

Arrived: Mar 8, 2010
Found under: touchflo, 3d, manilla, ui, today screen,

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» TouchFlo Detacher Description

A simple app that allows HTC Touch Diamond  Pro  HD devices to run TouchFlo3D outside of the Today screen.

A simple app that allows HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / HD devices to run TouchFlo3D outside of the Today screen. Get all the eye-candy goodness of TouchFlo 3D without losing your traditional Today screen!

So what makes mine different? Well, my app is actually very similar to MastSogo's ManilaControl. The main difference is that I plan to actively develop it now for a while, whereas ManilaControl has been a bit frozen in development for a few months. Mine is also open source, licensed under the Ms-RL. Mine is on CodePlex, so download speeds should be much better than the average rapidshare link. Finally, mine is in English and not Spanish. :-) Other than that, it's just another solution for the same problem!

I must give a hearty thank you and bow to MastSogo for inspiring me to work on this.

I believe I am using a similar technical solution to his, but mine is written from the ground up, so it shares no source code with his!

I have a version ready that I think is ready for beta testing. It's a weekend hack, but it's coming together nicely...

Current features

- Free up your Today screen by hosting Manila outside of the Today screen! TouchFlo Detacher can launch/show/hide/close Manila independent of any other Today screen settings. Now you can have your TouchFlo cake and eat it too! The most obvious use is to assign a soft key to toggle between seeing TouchFlo and seeing the regular Today screen.
- Service runs as a background application (in your StartUp folder) for maximum speed when toggling Manila modes.
- NO ANNOYING SPLASH SCREEN when application launches.
- Service is 100% idle when not receiving messages or controlling TouchFlo, so no CPU is wasted! (Just a tiny bit of RAM)
- Configuration application allows modifying manila.exe location, manila window class/title, and more, so that this utility can (presumably) be used with other manila versions (such as TouchFlo 2D). This is untested. Out of the box, it supports TouchFlo 3D in its default configuration as seen on the Diamond/Pro/HD.
- Configuration application can clean out the ManilaActivateToday.exe from the notification queue. (That app can interefere with TouchFlo Detacher's operation.)
- Shortcuts to start/show Manila, hide Manila, and close Manila. These can be assigned to hardware buttons (if your device has them) or virtual hardware buttons through the use of 3rd party applications such as AE Button Plus.
- Configuration application can customize the softkeys in both Today and TouchFlo's Home tab. You can use it to not only assign TouchFlo Detacher operations (show/hide/close), but any other application on your device.
- Out-of-the-box TouchFlo 2D / Manila2D support. (MAYBE - this needs to be tested by somebody with TF2D. Go to the config app, then menu, then TF2D defaults.)

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the TouchFlo Detacher free for Pocket PC

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