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» PocketScholar Beta

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Summary: PocketScholar (TM) is a flash card program for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices.

  • Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0

  • Arrived: Oct 12, 2006
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    Language, Languages, Bible Software

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    » PocketScholar Beta Description
    PocketScholar (TM) is developed by Southpaw Solutions (Google PDAScholar)

    PocketScholar (TM) is a flash card program for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices. It is geared towards students of Biblical Hebrew and Greek, but it can be used to study any subject.

    PocketScholar initially installs two card decks when you install the program.

    The Greek card deck that coincides with Dr. Mounce's The Basics of Biblical Greek. This card deck is linked to Dr. Mounce's audio files.

    The Hebrew card deck that coincides with The Basics of Biblical Hebrew.

    You can add card decks to the PocketScholar database by using the Converter utility. Use it to create CSV files from MiniFlash Palm databases and import the CSV files into PocketScholar.

    WARNING: The install program for PocketScholar will overwrite your current database. If you have made modifications to the database, you will need to 1) export the card deck that was modified, or 2) backup the entire PocketScholar database. You can find the PocketScholar database in the application directory on your Pocket PC under the "Program FilesPocketScholar" directory. The database file which is called "pocketscholar.db" can be copied and restored after a newer version of PocketScholar has been intstalled.

    the PocketScholar Beta free for Pocket PC

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