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» Manila Today Page

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This program displays today plug-ins in one of the TouchFLO 3D manila pages.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.Net CF 3.5
TouchFlo 3d !!!

Arrived: Jul 2, 2009
Found under: Utilites, Customization, Enhancement, touchflo, 3d, today screen, page, diamond

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» Manila Today Page Description

This is very first version of program many of HTC Diamond owners and other TouchFLO 3d users wanted very much...

This program displays today plug-ins in one of the TouchFLO 3D manila pages.

Setup Instructions:

- Setup MTPInstall.CAB to Main memory.
- Go to programs menu, run MTP Configurator.
- Choose page to host plug-ins, choose plug-ins you want to enable. Uncheck "TouchFLO 3D".
- Click apply button. Close configurator.
- Go Settings-> Today Disable TouchFlo3D. Click OK. Enable TouchFlo3D. Click OK. - Run MTPLoader.
- Selected plug-ins should appear on selected tab.

This is not ready-to-use version. For testing purposes only.


This program is provided as is. It should not harm you device, but I recommend you to create a backup, before you start. Anyway, I'm not responsible for anything you do to your device.

Update Description:

22 June 2009 - v0.3.6.2
* Fix: On all tabs except today, each button was handled twice
* Fix: Touch HD installer

7 May 2009 - v0.3.6.0
* New: Configurabe Softkeys on TodayPage (Again, Thanks to Showaco! for great work!)
* New: Today plugin resizing support
* New: Mark unsupported plugins
* Fix: Some plugins were truncated
* Fix: Certificate error on non-english "Program Files" folder
* Fix: Today plugins disappear after manila restart
* Change: Touch HD intaller change. (Experemental)

v0.3.5.0 (01-05-2009):
- Fix: Say goodbye to white background issue!

v0.3.4.0 (01-05-2009):
- Fix: Background does not appear.
- Change: MTP Page will be the last by default. Hope this will help get rid of "missing people page" problem. Anyway, you can reorder tabs manually.

v0.3.3.0 (01-05-2009):
- Fix: Background is messed up at the bottom of the page.
+ - New: Included support for a lot of manila.exe. I hope now it will work on almoust any Manila3D. However, I do not plan to support very old versions, such as 1.37 or earlier.

v0.3.1.0 (28-04-2009):
- Fix: Configurator crash when no wallpaper is selected.
- New: Introduced event logging.

v0.3.0.0 (28-04-2009):
- Fix: Wallpaper does not apply.
- Fix: D-Pad navigation issue.
- New: Own tab for today plugins (Many thanks to Showaco, he developed an empty tab to host plugins).
- New: Touch HD screen size support (experimental).
- New: Manual Tab height configuration.
- New: Support additional version of Manila.exe.
- Note: Setup instructions were changed. (26-04-2009):
- Added keyboard navigation support.
- Added Ameet's manila version support.
- Added stock page support.

v0.1.2.2 (25-04-2009):
- Support for additional ver. (fix).

v0.1.2.1 (25-04-2009):
- Support for additional ver.

v0.1.2.0 (25-04-2009):
- Added Rhodium support.

v0.1a (22-04-2009):
- First public version.

the Manila Today Page free for Pocket PC

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