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» HardKeyMenu v2.0

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Its like an extension of the hotkeys but without impacting the hotkey usage.

Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6

Arrived: Jan 1, 2008
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, keys

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» HardKeyMenu v2.0 Description
Mainly (as the name says), with this utility different programs can be started by using the keys of the PDA. Its like an extension of the hotkeys but without impacting the hotkey usage.

Included is one more utility which used together with the hardkeymenu called cscommandline. Information is included in the cscommandline-spec.txt.

Tested on a TyTn with WM6 but it should work under WM5 as well.

The purpose of this program it to start programs using buttons located on PDA, possibly with only on finger. Once the hardkeymenu is executed, it will read the hardkeymenu.txt and wait for keystrokes. If any matching sequence is found, then the relevant description/picture will be displayed.

If matching has been found then the corresponding program will be executed and hardkeymenu will terminate. If no matching has been found, it will wait 7 seconds if no key is pressed before exiting. It will also display the sequence of the keys found, this is the key sequence descripted further down. If the nomatch.jpg picture is present then it will be used instead of the key sequence.

The hardkeymenu can be assigned to a Hot-key for quick start up (usual Registry setting, for example: HLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftShellKeys C7)

The program if it finds within the same directory the file hardkeymenup.jpg (when in portrait) or hardkeymenul.jpg (when in landscape) will use it as avbackground picture. Otherwise, it will use the current desktop as a background picture.

It's a plain ASCII file with the next layout:
{key seq}={Description}={Command}


{key seq}
is the sequence of abbreviations of key strokes (38 Chars Max).
The abbreviation to use of each key is shown on screen when a key is pressed (timeout 1 sec).
For example, for Down Key the abbreviation is DN~ (The '~' is required)

is the text to display on screen when the exact sequence of key strokes has been reached.

Also, if a file having as name the description (case Sensitive) and extension .jpg, then this image will be shown instead. The size should not exceed the 240 width x 200 height pixels. The upper left pixel (0,0) will be used as transparent color.

is the command to execute when the exact sequence of key strokes has been reached. The command should include the complete path of the file to run (any registered file) and can include parameters to pass to the file included in [ ].

For example:
L8~L8~=Voice Command=Program FilesVoice Command oicecmd.exe

if L8 key is pressed twice, it will display Voice Command and then execute Program FilesVoice Command oicecmd.exe

- The file works like a filter so priority is given to the lines starting from the top.
- When editing with Word on the PDA, do not save it as a Word document, leave it as ascii.

Installation Instructions:
Copy all files provided to a directory of your choice (Including Storage Card). All files including pictures mentioned must be located in the same directory.

Update Description:

v2.0 (26-12-2007):
- A simpler remake of version 1.

- Given to public.

the HardKeyMenu v2.0 free for Pocket PC

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