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» DirMap v1.7

Rating: 3/5
Summary: A useful tool to represent graphically your memory space usage

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 / 5 / 6
Microsoft .NET CompactFramework

Arrived: Apr 8, 2008
Found under: utilities, memory, directory, color, tool

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» DirMap v1.7 Description
DirMap is the best choice for representing your memory space usage. DirMap represent the memory usage with a graphical view where each file and folder is represented as a rectangle which area is proportional to the size of the file/folder. Using this representation you can easily locate large files and folders. Dirmap can also list the content of any folder by sorting all files and subfolders by size.

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easy to understand view of the disk space usage within a folder:

  • "List" view show content of the folder sorted by size
  • "Map" view show content of the folder thru rectangular boxes which area is proportional to content size.
  • Click on a displayed box of "Map" view to get information about the selected item

Easy Navigation in folder structure

Use    icon in the toolbar to navigate to containing folder

In "List" view, selecting a folder will automatically navigate into this folder

In "Map" view:

  • click a folder on the "Map" will display a small menu with folder name
  • because selected item is a folder, the small menu displays a    icon allowing to navigate into this folder

File information
  • Use    icon in the toolbar (available if a file is selected, either in "List" view or in "Map" view) to show detailled information regarding the file

General customization
  • define which folder to analyze when application starts
  • define if you would like to take into account files in ROM or expansion cards

"List" and "Map" views can be customized by
  • selecting units (bytes, KBytes, MBytes, or automatic unit selection
  • selecting a font size (small, medium or large)
  • defining the "Map" view graphical representation: flat or cushion

Colors in "Map" view can be customized by
  • defining which color to be used for various file types

the DirMap v1.7 free for Pocket PC

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